"Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now is happening now." — Spaceballs (1987)

This is where I write what I’m doing right now. Not down to the minute, more like this month.

Work from home

Four years ago, after our startup Gibbon was acquired by Degreed I was tasked to create a new framework for the integrations team. This framework is responsible for fetching external data like content, completed items and more.

My next challenge was doing the same, but then for our public API. We build a team, a framework and had a blast doing it.

Recently I was asked to lead the new “Platform” division, which consists of three teams. Integrations, APIs and our latest, reporting. I went from writing code, to writing proposals, emails and meeting notes. It was a gamble, but I love it. Bringing people together to solve hard problems is a great job to have.

Life from home

At home I’m a dad. Till the kids go to bed, they have my full attention. Before they wake up I work on my side-projects and after they wake up I either spend time with my wife or read a book.

Talking about side project, this one is in Elixir and it’s fabulous Phoenix framework. I’m writing a GraphQL API which makes it easy to deploy your own static website.

Something like Netlify, but even simpler! With one click of a button you get your own site hosted across the world, with previews, analytics and all that jazz.